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To Phillip Gowan or anyone that helped contribute to this young ladies bio, could you please type in full the message her mother gave to her on 4-10-12? It was very touching and moving, and i could make out most, but not quite all of it.
Also, i think her sketch of Titanic should be shown on the front of the page of this fine site every now and then. But thats my humble opinion, and Mr Hind should do as he sees fit. for its time, its a marvelous piece of work.
Does anyone know where i may go to research more on her life? For as i have this instinct that there is a lot more to her story. Thank you all kindly for your attention, and to all, read her bio on the 3rd class bio li
Will see if I can dig it up--

About a year ago a TV station in New Mexico contacted me and ended up sending a camera crew here to SC to interview me about passengers with New Mexico connections. Of course she was one of the prominent ones. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have a good photo of her but they did get someone to go to Carlsbad and got a good photo of the gravestone to use in the story. Since then I've had some contact with family members and have a couple of great photos of her now. A little down the line you'll probably see them pop up here on her ET biography. Her father was from Australia and her mother from England and she was born in New Jersey. They really seemed to be a traveling family!


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Hi Matthew,

A few years back I received a copy of the December, 1998 magazine, "Guideposts". In it, there is a good article on Laura and her father, written by her grandson Eric Buzzell in Croghan, New York - (If some of this has been covered already, I apologize.) Buzzell writes about how he was contacted by a magazine writer just after the movie came out and the magazine writer had a copy of an article written by Laura entitled "My Experience of the Wreck of the R. M. S. Titanic". Obviously, because of copyrights, I can't quote it here but if you contact the "Guidepost" magazine company at 39 Seminary Hill Road, Carmel, N. Y., 10512, I'm sure they can get you a copy or, at least, the text.

I'm sure Phil G. knows much more about all this than I do but I thought this might be of some help.

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There is a documentary floating around with you in it eh?
I have a friend in Santa Fe NM. Wonder if she saw it? When did this air?
So many surprises you have, Mr. Phil!

It did air--whenever James Cameron's "Titanic" first premiered on network TV (November of 2000?). A first cousin of mine in Santa Fe called me to say that she had seen it as did my old college roommate who then lived in Hobbs. I have never seen it myself but when the camera crew came I was battling an awful case of bronchitis--am sure I sounded more like I was screeching than talking and I'll sleep better if I don't ever know firsthand how it turned out. The reporter who did the story in New Mexico used to be a lurker on this messageboard but I don't know if he still is. He was a native of Southampton, England as I remember. Am sure it was the beginning--and end--of my television career :).


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Phil Pat and all-Again as always thank you thank you thank you for the most useful info. I dont know why, but whenever i start to look at the passenger bio listings, i like a homing bird go to the 3rd class passengers. And as soon as you see her portrait, sketch, whatever, it grabs you. Is there any indication about what period in hr life she drew it? And just a sense im getting, but it seemed like QUITE A LOT of the overall passengers aboard were teenagers..Was there any study or research done to determine the actual percentage onboard?
Her biography in ET say that she was rescue in lifeboat 12. According to this site
Laura was in lifeboat 16. I would like know where is true. Are we sure that she got into the one of portside boats?
She certainly wasn't in 6 and 8. I think she could be in lifeboat 10 but that's only guess. Lifeboat 4, 2 or collapsible D are possible too.

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This is a very good question, and one to perhaps inquire with her family (without intruding). Ms. Cribb married Mr. Howard Buzzell in 1916 and her grandson is still around, Mr. Mark Earnest Buzzell.
All Ahead Full!

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Miss Cribb was 17 years old Lived in New Jerseyans was traveling there and survived in lifeboat 12

Miss Abelseth was 16 lived in Alesund Norway was traveling to Minneapolis survived in lifeboat 16 traveled in 3rd class boarded in Southampton traveled with Olaus Abelseth (no relation) Adolf Humblen Sigrid Moen Anna Salkjelsvik and Peter Soholt.Karen was cousins with Humblen Salkjelsvik and Soholt. Olaus Karen and Anna survived.


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There is a photo of Laura as a young woman, probably in her twenties, on a website called "Titanic Passengers." Just go to Google, type in Laura Cribb - Titanic and you'll eventually find it. There are several pictures of Karen in her twenties in the book 31 Norwegian Destinies (the author's name escapes me at the moment.) Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any pictures of these two as teens.
Have you seen Laura Mae (Mary) Cribb's 1916 passport photo? I put Mary in there because she gives her name as Laura Mary on the application? I'm pretty certain it's her application, as date of birth, location, and her father's information are a match.
I can post the photo if you haven't seen it, just have to size it first.

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If this passport photo is the one at - then yes, I've seen it. If not, please hurry to post it! I just love seeing new pictures of children on the Titanic