Laura Jay [was: Hello from the great state of Maine]

Laura Jay

Dec 3, 2012
New England, USA
I'm chiefly interested in the Titanic officers and you'll find me lurking and posting there. I love them all but Lightoller and Boxhall are my favorites. I kind of wondered if another reason that White Star put Boxhall on Titanic was because he was good eye candy for many a young female passenger. ;) I do not subscribe to the myth that any officer shot himself; the deck stewards all wore uniforms similar to the officers so there might have been some confusion or whatnot, etc.
Lightoller because of his name fascinated me for some time. I wish I lived in England so I could visit their final resting places and bestow some flowers and all of that. I'm also a UK Top Gear fanatic as well. :cool:
May 2, 2006
Hey Laura,

Welcome to ET! You should definitely come visit the UK at some point - I'm keen to visit the resting places/memorials of all the officers at some point in my life and I'd happily show you around. Maybe visit in the summer though, as it's a little on the chilly side right now :p