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Rebecca L. Goodwin, CLA

I have been doing research into different aspects of the Titanic tragedy from a legal standpoint. I believe that I read on this message board some time ago about an international law requiring steerage passenger areas being locked for health reasons. Does anyone know the cite and text of this law or where I could find it?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Rebecca Goodwin, CLA

Alan Hustak

Jul 25, 2007
It was not an international law. It was a United States Customs and Immigration regulation which required third class passengers to be locked in their quarters until they were processed upon their arrival in New York

Rebecca Goodwin, CLA


Thanks for the information. I have checked the United States Code and Supreme Court decisions for some indication about this law, but nothing is mentioned. There is mention of the health inspections that the steerage passengers go through once they got to Ellis Island, etc.

Thanks again.

R. Goodwin

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