Lebanese on the Titanic

Nov 12, 2000
Phil Hind wrote in another thread:

Incidentally, if anyone has it, the same happened with The Lebanese on the Titanic by John Moses, but at least he acknowledged and apologised for the ommission.

Phil was talking about authors not acknowledging sources, but my ears pick up whenever I get a tip on (yet another) book on Titanic I have never heard of before.

Phil, or anyone else, any further information on this book would be greatly appreciated. what year was it published? who was the publisher? hardback? softcover? isbn#?

thanks in advance to anyone who can help fill in the gaps.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Philip Hind

Staff member
Sep 1, 1996
From Mt. Lebanon to the Sea of Darkness
Min Jebal Libnaan ila Bahr il Mu'attim

By John G. Moses

"The Tragic Odyssey of 174 young Lebanese, including 27 families who were passengers aboard the Titanic - a journey that commenced sanguinely upon the hoary heights of Mt. Lebanon and terminated disastrously in the murky depths of the North Atlantic"
The book appears to be privately published but I do know that copies are available from Eugene Paul Nassar, Director of the Ethnic Heritage Studies Center, Utica College. [email protected]

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