Lebanese passengers

I recently discovered I am possibly related to "Mr. Joseph Caram" and have been trying to find all the information I can on him and the other other Lebanese passengers that were traveling with him.

I found a post here from a few years ago related to him...

My question is, does anyone know where "Bob Godfrey" got the information pertaining to where Mr. Caram worked?? He seriously blew my mind, because I have been doing tons of research and have never found any info like that.

Also everyone feel free to add whatever you may know about the Lebanese 3rd class passengers aboard Titanic. Anything would be helpful!


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Hallo, Zachary. The lists of effects found on recovered bodies are freely available (here on this website for instance). Found on Mr Caram's body was the name and address “Shakin Bros, 155 BroadStreet, Ottawa". The Shakin family were wholesalers in the garment trade (a 1920s directory names their speciality as hosiery and underwear.) The Shakins were related to Mariana Assaf, who was travelling with Mr Caram and 9 others all from the same village of Kfar Mishki. Of this group, Marianna was the only survivor.

See this link for details of a new book about the Syrians (ie Lebanese) on Titanic:

I haven't yet read this book myself but it will surely be of great interest to you.
Thank you so much Bob!

How appropriate for you to be the one to answer my question. You helped me out so much with your answer, Seriously, I cant thank you enough!

I'm curious to know where you read about the "Shakin Bros" and found out what they sold. (I'm assuming it wasn't on the internet, because I can't find anything about it!)

Also, do you know anything about what a "table ticket" is, that was also found on his (possible) body.

And I ordered that book also, thanks for the recommendation!
Glad to be able to help, Zachary.

3rd Class passengers were assigned to numbered places in the dining room - thus the 'table ticket'.

I've been collecting odd bits of information for too many years to remember where it all came from, but the info about the Shakin Bros came as stated from a Trade Directory - 1927 to be precise - and it was, if I remember right, online, though quite possibly no longer so. Googling is an art that improves with much practice!
That would be really helpful Hildur, I would love to hear all of the interesting things you found out about the Middle Eastern passengers aboard.

I noticed that some of the Middle Eastern passengers were going to Ottawa, Canada (or at least, the ones I am related to were)
I found out that is where "Joseph Caram" worked, but I am not sure why so many others were going. If anyone has a theory, I would love to hear it.

But anything would be really helpful to me, It helps me understand what that experience was like and it's truly an amazing thing to learn about your ancestors.

And for Bob Godfrey, if you read this...thanks again.
I ended up finding out why I was having such a hard time understanding "Shakin Bros" which was found written on a paper that was on Joseph's body.
It's because it actually said "Shahin Bros"

Learning what I have already learned has been truly remarkable, and I welcome any information anyone else wants to bring to this post.

Thank you.
Sorry to say but checking my records i dont seem to have much on Mr. Caram. This is what i have.

Youssef Kareem was born in 1883 and immigrated to Ottawa after his brother around 1905. He worked as a grocer.

As for other Middle Eastern passengers, i do have more.