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Legend/KEY to deck plans

Discussion in 'Plans Specifications' started by JJAstorII, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. JJAstorII

    JJAstorII Member

    I tried to search the forum to try to avoid a duplicate question but couldn't find any accurately answered.

    Can anyone provide a general key/legend tot he deck plans? Like what's:

    W (waste? but they seem too big for that):
    H (heater?):
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  2. codad1946

    codad1946 Member

    Could you post a picture of these deck plans with the letters on? I haven't noticed them on any that I have.
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  3. TimTurner

    TimTurner Member

    I think he's referring to the Bruce Beveridge blueprints on this site (Titanic Deckplans)

    Does anybody know why the legend isn't on the digital version?
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  4. TimTurner

    TimTurner Member

    I would guess
    DT = Dressing Table/Drawing Table
    W = Wardrobe
    H is probably heater
    O is probably not a letter, but a graphical depiction of a wash basin.
    I don't know what FL means, but I'm pretty sure here's a picture of one: Titanic - 2nd Class Two Berth Stateroom on the back wall.
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  5. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    FL = Folding Lavatory (washstand).
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  6. Ajmal Dar

    Ajmal Dar Member

    Can anyone supply a COMPLETE list of all of the abbreviations used on Bruce Beveridges deckplans and not just an incomplete listing. Much appreciated if you can.


  7. Philip Hind

    Philip Hind Staff Member

    I'll ask Bruce
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  8. Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers Member

    As this thread exists, may I ask another question?

    In this image, can anyone tell me what the letters Q, M and K refer to? We're looking at E-Deck. The letter B also appears towards the bow, which seems to indicate a numbering system running from forward to aft. They don't appear to match the bulkheads, which ran from A to P (so no 'Q').

  9. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    I think it's referring to the what tight compartments ???
  10. Athlen

    Athlen Member

    Those are sections of the Third Class accommodation. In First and Second class the staterooms were given a deck letter and number, for example C 16 would be on the on the port side of C Deck. In Third Class the cabins were simply numbered from 1 to 221 or so, but the sections of the ship were given letter designations. Section "A" was the 3rd Class Open Space on D Deck. Section "B" was immediately beneath A on E Deck. C was below B and D was below C on G Deck. Then came section E on F Deck; section F was on G Deck, and then G on E Deck.

    It worked something like this:
    Aft Forward
    D Deck: O x x x x x x A
    E Deck: Q M K x x x x B
    F Deck: R x x J H G E C
    G Deck: S N x x x x F D

    Ignore the x's, I had to put them in so the table would align properly. A, J and H were public spaces, not staterooms, and there was no I. I'm not sure about L and P, they may have been reserved for 2nd class spaces that could be used as 3rd class if needed.

    Does this help? I know it's a little confusing but that's how they designated Third Class spaces on Titanic.
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  11. Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers Member

    Thanks, Athlen; it does indeed help!
  12. WC = Wash Closet

    DC Heater = Direct Contact Heater (Found in engine room casing, as part of the steam system)