Let us give credit where credit is due

May 12, 2009
This film may be a disgusting piece of propaganda spawned from the perverted depths of Goebbles' mind, but unlike the Hollywood version that would come a decade later, this film correctly shows the passengers panicking on deck and jumping overboard in desperation instead of demurely singing "Near My God To Thee" to their deaths. You must admit, at least in that aspect, The Nazi "Titanic" triumphs over the 1953 version.

Matt DiTullio

Jun 2, 2008
Absolutely agree... It was brilliant at times. And just WOW at some of the beautiful women in this movie. Especially Lady Astor and the woman who was engaged and met the band guy. I also like where she waves to him from the boat as it is being lowered. : ( Another scene I liked was when the last boat filled with passengers went crashing down to the water after two people jumped in.

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