Let's make a complete list of men aboard B

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Recently I read William Mellors' testimony and it clearly indicates he was aboard boat A, which prompted me to think: Can we make a definitive (or at least near) list of men who were aboard the legendary overturned B? I went to a site called the Titanic Lifeboat Project and found some more names and here's my complete list. Revisions, additions, and opinions are welcome.

1 Charles Lightoller
2 Edward Dorking
3 Ernest Allen
4 Patrick O’Keefe
5 Victor Sunderland
6 Harold Bride
7 Charles Joughin
8 John Maynard
9 John Thayer Jr.
10 Colonel Archibald Gracie
11 A.H. Barkworth
12 Eugene Daly
13 John Collins
14 Thomas Whiteley
15 Albert Moss
16 Sidney Daniels
17 Walter Hurst
18 James McGann
19 Harry Senior
Firemen William Lindsay and Charles Judd gave accounts that indicate they sought refuge aboard B. Mess Steward Cecil Fitzpatrick also gave a detailed interview that indicates he too survived aboard the collapsible. Trimmer William McIntyre and Greaser George Prangnell are possibilities.
For what it's worth, here is my list of persons substantiated and/or possibly aboard Collapsible 'B:'
1c Passenger - Algernon Henry Barkworth, age 48
1c Passenger - Col Archibald Gracie, IV, age 53
1c Passenger - John Borland Thayer, III, age 17
3c Passenger - Eugene Patrick Daly (possibly), age 29
3c Passenger - Edward Arthur Dorking, age 18
3c Passenger - Albert Johan Moss, age 29
3c Passenger - Patrick O'Keefe, age 21
3c Passenger - Victor Francis Patrick Sunderland, age 20
2d Officer - Charles Herbert Lightoller, age 38
Greaser - George Alexander Prangnell (possibly), age 30
Fireman - Walter Hurst, age 23
Fireman - Charles Edward Judd, age 32
Fireman - Charles William Lindsay, age 30
Fireman - Henry Charles Senior, age 31
Trimmer - Ernest Frederick Allen, age 24
Trimmer - James Frank Avery (possibly), age 22
Trimmer - William Albert Hebb, age 20
Trimmer - William McIntyre (possibly), age 21
Trimmer - James McGann, age 26
Trimmer - John O'Conner, age 25
Engineers' Mess Steward - Cecil William Fitzpatrick, age 21
Telegraphist - Harold Sidney Bride, age 22
1c Saloon Steward - Thomas Whiteley, age 18
3c Steward - Sidney Edward Daniels, age 18
Entrée Cook - Isaac Maynard, age 31
Chief Baker - Charles John Joughin, age 32
Scullion - John Collins, age 17
I have read on this site and elsewhere that Abraham Harmer (whose real name was David Livshin) was on Collapsible B. It seems that he died on the lifeboat or shortly after it was picked up, and he was buried from the Carpathia.

David Livshin was my great-uncle, and I'd very much like to find out what happened to him. Does anyone know if there's any real evidence he was on Collapsible B?
Livshin/Harmer is placed aboard B by process of elimination. Carpathia's Captain Rostron and Purser Brown gave the number of bodies buried at sea from the rescue ship as four; Brown went further and identified those four as Harmer, Hoyt, Lyons and Siebert.

From the evidence, we know that three bodies were taken from Titanic's lifeboats - Siebert from boat 4, Hoyt from 14, and an unknown man transferred from B to 12; seaman Lyons, taken from boat 4, died aboard the Carpathia.

Four bodies, four identities, and Harmer is the odd man out. The fourth body, the one taken from B, would appear to be Harmer (read: Livshin.)
What about Senior Wireless Operator Jack Phillips?

I know that many people would hotly disagree with this notion, but it is still there, that many people over the years have suggested that the young wireless operator made it to Collapsible B but died over the course of the night.

However, as Mr. Dohany pointed out, the body from Collapsible B was declared to be D. Livshin by Captain Rostron.

I have another question that is somewhat off topic. I heard from somewhere on this site that Second Officer Lightoller had a hand in identifying the bodies brought aboard the Carpathia. Anyone know anything about this?
This is a total long shot based on no real evidence, but I wonder if David Livshin's body could have been mistaken for that of Jack Phillips? They would have been dressed differently, but maybe in the dark and wet and confusion, and with clothing hidden under life preservers .... they were the same age (25), and from the online pics I've seen of Phillips, and the 2-3 family pictures we have of David, they looked a bit alike.
>>but I wonder if David Livshin's body could have been mistaken for that of Jack Phillips?<<

In the dark of the night, I suppose anything is possible. The thing is that Jack Phillips would have been wearing a Marconi Marine uniform which was rather destinctive.

Ben Holme

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Another potential Collapsible B candidate is the fireman "J. Haggan" whose account appeared in the Gracie book. I believe there was some sort of problem with placing him on "B", but I'm damned and dashed if I can remember what it was!

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If I recall correctly, Gracie was specific that the "J. Haggan" in question was not to be confused with surviving fireman J. (John) Haggan, since the latter had returned home aboard Lapland with the majority of the surviving crew whereas the former was at St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC during the same time frame.

Holly Peterson

Jack Thayer was the youngest on Collapsible B by two months. He was 17 years and four months old while scullion John Collins was 17 years and six months.

I know it's not really valid to the discussion, but I thought it's interesting!
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