Lets share photos of our Titanic collections

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Here is an idea- We are all Titanic buffs here, and many of us have been collecting Titanic books and collectibles since childhood- Do you have an enormous wall of Titanic collectables, a bookcase packed with Titanic books, a shelf crammed with Titanic bric-a-brac,or a wall covered with framed Titanic pictures? Do you have a room designed to look like a suite from the titanic? Do you scatter your Titanic collection all throughout your home, or do you keep your collection in one area? Why not post a picture of you collection here? I'm really interested to see how my fellow Titanic buffs exhibit their Titanic collections.
I will post my collection in one moment...
well, here is a snap of one of my Titanic bookshelves...The blue volumes are my bound titanic commutators, the chessboard is made out of wood from olympic's grand staircase...
Unfortunately my TITANIC collection dates back to 1967. When our local newspaper did a write-up ('98) on me, owing to the popularity of the Cameron film, I displayed most of my collection
and the reporter remarked..."You did not have to pull everything out...but thank-you anyhow".
So...beings that I collect, just about everything associated with TITANIC, it's far to much too share via one or even two photographs. In fact I am going to do a display at our local library this coming next April, and do not think that the the two *huge* provided display cases will suffice...not considering my safe-deposit holds!

Michael Cundiff
Aww c'mon Michael - please post just ONE photograph for us at least. One cannot describe a collection such as you have without giving the rest of us a little peek. Please?
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