Letter written to Bruce Ismay

Apr 1, 2005
here is the letter which i hope may be of interest

Dear Mr Ismay
I want to write you how glad I am that you are home safely. and also how pleased we were to read of the great oration you had in England when you landed for no one realized more than Billy and I did,how much you had been through, and how wonderful you were through it all. The [word unreadable] we all got,and the dreadful things our own press is allowed to say in this country is certainly revolting. and makes us sometimes ashamed that we live here, but fortunately when they go to extremes, it is quickly over,and how it has completely died out,and no one even mentions it,and they are now criticizing something else. I am enclosing a letter to you which Billy received in behalf our chauffeurs widow[mrs Aldworth] he was with us. Would you send her name into the fund, it seems ridiculous to bother you about such a trifle,but I really don't exactly know how to keep her here, there was quite a sum raised at our home, Rotherty Leicester because the chauffeur was the only one lost from there, I hope you are well and that your nerves have it suffered. We are all quite well. i send you many kind wishes,and I hope to see you next winter when we go back to Melton to[hunt? hard to read]
sincerely yours Lucile Carter.
Mrs Thayer is very well,and the boy splended.you will be pleased to hear.

the letter has a pencil mark in bruce ismays writing saying it has been answered.
i hope this is of some interest.i am not sure this is the right place to post it?

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Brian Ahern

Dec 19, 2002
Nice to see you on the board again, Malcolm.
That letter is a fantastic piece of memorabilia. Thanks for sharing it.

Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
HI Malcolm
What a great letter. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me wonder if the Carters made one more trip to Melton before they separated?
Dec 12, 1999
I agree that the letter is most interesting. I found it striking that Mrs. Carter mentioned how fortunate she felt that the bad press her husband was receiving had "died out". The newspapers may have moved on to other stories, but society never forgot William Carter's escape from the Titanic. It crippled the Carter marriage, and by 1914, it was all over.

I also found it interesting that Lucile Carter seemed to be referring to her husband in a favorable light in her letter. We seem to have been given the impression that the marriage was doomed from the moment William Carter saw his wife on the Carpathia and told her "I had a jolly good breakfast but didn't think you had made it."

Mrs. Carter used her husband's words against him while seeking her divorce on grounds of extreme cruelty - even claiming that he had the left the Titanic before his wife and children.

It was also interesting to note the reference to poor Mr. Aldworth.

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