Life of Californian's Crew

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, I hope so, but I was wondering what the lives of Lord, Stewart, Stone, Groves, Gibson and Evans were like after the sinking, where they worked, etc.

I read in a book that Chief Officer Stewart died in WWII, and I know Lord served in another shipping line, but can someone tell me more facts?
Greetings Stefan,

You can find the information you are seeking in the following books:

"A Titanic Myth" by Leslie Harrison
"The Ship That Stood Still" by Leslie Reade
"The Titanic and the Indifferent Stranger" by Dr. Paul Lee
"Titanic and the Mystery Ship" by Senan Molony

All of the above mentioned books have biographical information of the people that you mentioned, however, the main premise of said books is to argue whether the Californian was the mystery ship sighted by the passengers and crew of the Titanic the night of the sinking.
Thanks for that, I'll be sure to check them out.
That book where I read that Stewart died in WWII was also written by Senan Molony, "Titanic: Victims and Villains" I think.