Lifeboat 7 occupants


Al Bryan

Hi there,

I was wondering what sources we have on the number of people who were aboard Starboard 7 when it was launched. Most of the places I've looked at state 28 aboard, but apparently Col. Gracie's testimony says 21.

Is it even possible to get a hard figure, or are the varying testimonies too different to draw a conclusion?

Lester Mitcham

Gracie names 21. - Missing from his list are: Henry Blank, Mrs Flegenheim, Alfred Nourney and Alfred Omont. I note Gracie includes Robert Daniel, who was probably in boat 3. - That gives a figure of 24 for Boat 7.

Ioannis Georgiou

That is not so easy as you think.
Several people who were sitting in No. 7 gave different number of how many were in No. 7. Somewhere between 25 and 33 had been mentioned if I remember right. This was not only at boat 7 but in every boat. Even if you would take the lowest number, all together would have been about 800 and more survivors which was not the case.

Al Bryan

Thanks for that.

I've been trawling through the transcripts from the US Enquiry, and three people from boat 7 gave a figure of 28. Okay, one of those was simply agreeing with his wife, but still...

Another gave a figure of 36 IIRC, and a fifth gave a figure of 42, both of which are obviously wrong.

The entry on this site for boat 7 lists 26 names, but how was this list compiled?

Lester Mitcham

>>The entry on this site for boat 7 lists 26 names, but how was this list compiled?<<

Good question. My understanding is that the Taylors and Mrs & Miss Crosby were in the same boat. - Gracie has them in boat 5, with an officer (Pitman) wrapping a sail around Mrs Crosby to keep her warm. I also understand that there are two accounts given by Taylor. In one he says people were transferred from another boat into the one he was in, in the other that people were transferred out.

So were the Taylors and Mrs & Miss Crosby in boat 5 or in boat 7?

Ioannis Georgiou

The Taylors were most likely in No. 5. In two or three reports he gave the number of people in the boat about over 30, said there was an officer and also that people were transferred into another boat. These all indicates for boat 5.
Somewhere I saw that it was mentioned that he was possibly in No. 5 but his wife in No. 7. Can not remember where I came across that.

Miss Crosby could have been in No. 5.

robert mitchell

As far as I have managed to work out here is the full list for boat 7 (total 26):

Mr Dickinson-Bishop
and wife, Mrs Helen Bishop
Mr Henry Blank
Mr Paul Chevre
Mrs Catherine E. Crosby
and daughter, Miss Henrietta Crosby
Mrs Olive Earnshaw
Mrs Antoinette Flagenheim
Mrs Pauline Gibson
and daughter, Miss Dorithy Gibson
Mr William Greenfield
and mother, Mrs Blanche Greenfield
Miss Margaret Hays
Mr Pierre Marechal
Mr James Robert McGough
Mr Alfred Nourney
Mr Alfred Omont
Mrs Lily Potter
Mr Frederic Kimber Seward
Mr William Sloper
Mr John Snyder
and wife, Mrs Nellie Snyder
Mr Gilbert Tucker Jnr

William Weller (seaman)
George Hogg (lookout)
Archie Jewell (lookout)

Total: 26
Rachel Boland

Rachel Boland

Trying to touch up some stuff for my book, and I am having issues with something about lifeboat 7 that has been bothering me. Helen Bishop stated in her testimony that a man named Jack Edmonds was in the boat, but there was no crew or passenger on the Titanic with that name.

The book that gives the testimony of the passengers and crew at the Senate hearings, on page 570 under Lifeboat 7 when describing the makeup of the people in the lifeboat says...

'28 in all, possibly more that 28 (12 women, 3, crew, 1 Edmonds., 13 male passengers, 3 or 4 foreigners, and several unmarried men)

It says 1 Edmonds, I have been looking all over for a definition of what an Edmonds would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.