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Daniel Odysseus

I THINK that lifeboat 7, the first to be launched was 12:45. So anyway, I'm writing a fiction book on Titanic, and the characters see boat 7 at 12:45, etc. But on page 101 of "Illustrated History" it says it was 12:25, not 12:45. What time is right?

-Daniel Odysseus
Dec 7, 2000
Neither. There was an article printed not too long ago in the Titanic Commutator by a few of the regulars from here whree they go into detail about when each boat was launched and the evidence supporting it. Boats 5 and 7 were launched close together at about 12.43. Seven was perhaps launched a little before 12.43.
Dec 6, 2000
"A few of the regulars from here" - yeah, that pretty much describes George Behe, Tad Fitch and I. But you should have said 'reprobates' instead. :)

Yes, we believe No. 7 left the ship at 12:40, followed by No. 5 at 12:43. Both boats appear to have left the ship before any rockets were fired, and if the rockets started around 12:45, both had to leave before that.

Our lifeboat timeline is available at m/~bwormst/titanic/r evised.html
The article gives the details as to why we disagree with the British Inquiry, the article itself is not available on line at this time.
Jun 28, 2009
Was lifeboat 7 the first launched??? In 'Titanic. The Ship That Never Sank' there is a good point made that Lifeboat 6 may have been the first boat launched.

Molly Brown was reportedly dropped into Lifeboat 6 by Robert McGough as it was being lowered. McGough was saved in Lifeboat 7.

Surely this is a basis to state that Lifeboat 6 was the first launched????

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Was lifeboat 7 the first launched???
Yes. According to Bill Wormstedt's post (two above yours) lifeboat 7 left at 12:40 am. There has been a huge debate for years, as to when each lifeboat left the ship. But Bill, Tad Fitch and George Behe have done a terrific job in figuring it all out.

Surely this is a basis to state that Lifeboat 6 was the first launched????
No, lifeboat 6 left a half an hour later at 1:10 am. Just because a book states it, does not make it so, especially Robin Gardiner's.

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