Lifeboats Don't Lie!


Apr 20, 2012
The titanic's position was assumed to be correct until the wreck was found. The wreck was pinpointed using GPS which was not available in 1912. If the titanic got her position wrong using navigation aids of the day, why is there an assumption that the Californian's position is correct? I haven't seen a single consideration in these articles that maybe, just maybe, her position was wrong too.The Californian's own evidence says they saw a ship firing rockets. Are we supposed to believe there was a mystery ship that was also firing rockets at the same time as the titanic? The Californian saw a ship and it was firing rockets. That says all I need to hear as I don't believe there was another rocket firing ship in the area. Ships don't sail across the Atlantic firing rockets just for fun. In fact the Californian middle watch apparently made the comment that the rocket firing ship was not firing rockets for fun.The Californian saw a rocket firing ship. In my book that was the titanic and arguing over detail is not important when the Californian's position cannot be proven one way or the other.