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Matt Endacott

Does anyone know who got away in the boats that were launched?
I'm aware only boats 1, 11, 13, 15, 19 & 21 got away, where were they located?
And also, who collected these boats, the rescue ships?
May 25, 2003
Hey Matt!

Interestingly enough, I was just going to post the very same question. Right now I only have a few of the lifeboats filled in and a lot of it is just speculation. Hopefully some scholars there who are more learned than I am can fill in the wholes and fix mistakes. Survivors indicated by asterisk.

Morton brothers assisted in lowering, but soon squashed by a lifeboat just astern
*Chrissie Aitken ? (jumped out)
*Ian Holbourn ? (fished out of water)

Could not be lowered due to list. Became very last to leave, almost dragged down by wires.
*Marian Bird ?
*Fannie Morecroft ?

*Chrissie Aitken ? (jumped out)

Swung inboard, broke from falls, and crushed many passengers, including Caroline Hickson Kennedy.

Destroyed by second explosion.

Dragged under as after-falls could not be cut before the ship sank.
*Charles Lauriat (jumped out)
*James Leary ?

Swung inboard, broke loose from falls, and careened down boat deck.

Got away safely as deck became level with water.
*Oliver Bernard
*David Alfred Thomas
*Arnold Rhys-Davies

Stern lost control in lowering, spilling passengers. Seen by Lady Mackworth and Dorothy Conner.


Lost control and fell on top of passengers spilled from #12.

Lowered safely, but entangled in Marconi aerials before being cut free.
*Arthur Rowland Jones (First Officer)
*Leo Thompson (AB Seaman)

Broke from falls, landed right-side up in water. So heavily damaged from impact became waterlogged and capsized.
*Charles Hill

Fell bow first and capsized just before reaching water.
*Avis Dolphin
Sarah Smith
Hilda Ellis

Forcibly lowered by Isaac Lehmann at gunpoint. Ensuing panic smashed lifeboat into the superstructure, crushing many passengers. Control was later regained at it was lowered only to capsize after an irate passenger shouted "Don't you drop this boat!"

Lowered safely, but overcrowded and some fell into the water.

Lowered safely.

#22 (?)
Plunged bow first, spilling passengers before crashing on top of them.
*Odgen Hammond
Mary Hammond

Okay, to add to the list I know that Alice Lines and the two Pearl children in her charge got away in the only portside boat that was lowered safely. Which one was this?

The Bilickes and the Loynds were in a starboard boat that lost control and spilled its load. Timmis' account seem to indicate this boat was lowered relatively early, so it can't be 17. 17 was lowered about 15 minutes into the sinking (per Holbourn).

A list of rescue ships should be easier to come by. I'll dig around somewhere.

Ren-Horng (James)
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