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Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
I just noticed something that may mean nothing, or plenty.

In Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy, page 281, there's a reproduction of the list of lifeboats and their gear that was prepared for the US civil court. It's dated November 27 1912. This was after White Star was ordered top pay the $96,000 into court. Were the boats still around in NY that late?

Liam Thomas

Jul 11, 2007
The crew of RMS Olympic went on strike because they weren't happy with the old second hand collapsibles that were dumped on the boat deck, taking up most of it, and wanted proper wooden hardside boats installed on davits. White Star hastily put together another crew, but the passengers did not find them very helpful.

patrick toms

liam thomas states that the crew of the olympic went on strike because of the collapsibles,but also titanic was intrinsically unsound.
pat toms president shannon ulster titanic society

Fred Vikingsson

Hello all!

My name is Fred from Sweden and I'm new to this board.

I always wondered what happened to the lifeboats of Titanic after the rescue? Are there any known lifeboats of Titanic left to this day?



/ Fred Vikingsson, Sweden

Holly Peterson

Nobody really knows, Fred. The Carpathia (the ship that rescued the Titanic's passengers) brought the lifeboats along to New York and deposited them in the harbor. It's a complete mystery what happened to them afterwards, though. They were probably passed on to other White Star Line Ships, such as the Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic.

I do not live in Sweden, but part of my ancestry is Swedish, and my great-great-uncle was almost on the Titanic as a young man emigrating from Sweden to America. He was a 25-year old shoemaker, Johan Hagglund, I believe. Fortunately for him, his ticket was stolen by some men he'd 'befriended' in a pub.

Welcome to the board Fred, and congratulations on your first post!
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Are there any known lifeboats of Titanic left to this day?<<

A couple of replicas, but none of the real lifeboats is known to have survived to this day. It's known that they were retained in New York as the sole remaining material assets of the ship for legal reasons. At some point, they were removed from the water to White Star's pier shed. What happened afterwards is the subject of a lot of speculation, but no concrete facts.

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