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Jun 10, 1999
Is'nt it quaint? A client of the Co. I work for, upon also learning of my steamship interest, shared his 1954 passenger list of an S.S. UNITED STATES sailing in 1954. His family are amongst those listed sailing 1st class:

Maj. Fred J. Stanio
Mrs. Stanio
Mstr. Fred J. Stanio , Jr.
Miss Judith Stanio
Mstr. Raymond Stanio

On my asking Mstr. Fred Stanio Jr. (Then 10 in '54),.."What is it that you recall the most on your sailing aboard the S.S.U.S.? His reply, "It took us only three days to cross the North Atlantic, and I could get whatever I wanted (room service).

However the passenger list was a keepsake, he promised me a photo of him and his sister standing afront the lifering marked...UNITED STATES.

And the irony of it I received an early out from work, just in time to catch an Antique fair of sort. Lo and behold a beautiful starboard broadside 10 x 13 print) shot of the "Big U." entering New York (Artist: C.G. Evers)...for just a buck.


Michael A. Cundiff

Fred Stanio

It took long enough.
I have that photo of Me Joan and Judy.
Email me and I will send it to you.
Fred Stanio
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