Lighting corrected real-time sinking

Hello, so I am searching for a real-time sinking of the Titanic but the color was corrected for how it would have appeared that night, the issue is I can't find/remember who posted it or where it was published, this was a year ago or two at this point. from the details, I can recall I thought it was a recolorization of the Titanic Honor and glory 2016 sinking, but searching their youtube channel brings no results. I also remember it being documentary-like, it had survivor testimonies playing while the ship was sinking. any help in locating this real-time sinking would be greatly appreciated.
no, the model looked different, and I am certain there was the inclusion of survivor testimonies as well as the actual video being far-darker.
Survivors recall this night being so black, you could barely make out the divide between horizon and sky.In this respect I think this video is more accurate than the Honor and Glory one with all the light and haze. The inclusion of ragtime songs, the sounds of the wireless, the chatter of people on board,as well as some sound bits from movies make this a more compelling video to watch, However the scenes showing the interior flooding were pretty weak. If they combined the interior flooding scenes from Honor and Glory then we would really have something!! My only beef with this video is the break up is still done between the third and fourth funnel, when it actually occurred just before the third.