Lightoller and port stern lifeboats

Arun Vajpey

In his very well researched and presented article in which he re-examines the launch times of the Titanic's lifeboats, Bill Wormstedt says that Second Officer Lightoller was one of the officers who was present during loading and/or launching of the port stern lifeboats. Specifically, Wormstedt places Lightoller to be present during work on Lifeboats #14 and #12 but does not quote any other witness statement to support that belief except from Lightoller himself. I have gone through several testimonies in the American & British Inquiries and while there is a LOT of witness statements that I have not yet covered, thus far I have not come across a single independent one placing Lightoller at either #14 or #12.

I concede that I might have missed such testimonies and would be grateful if people could update me on this.