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Hello again,

there is a whole lot of information available about Titanic's second officer, from his early years to his profession to how he met his wife. Do you have any information about what relationship he had with his children? Was he a strict parent and how did he treat them? I know he had lost two sons during his lifetime due to war, which must have been horrible losses to him, do you know how exactly he (and his wife) coped with that?
One of his daughters even lived until 2004, which was really surprising because it's not that long ago. Did she ever publicly speak about her family, did she watch Cameron's Titanic, what were her thoughts etc.?

Many questions, I hope you could help me here. Thank you in advance


Lightoller must have had a lot of faith in Roger to take him with him on "the voyage into hell and back" when they went to play their own small part in rescuing the British Army at Dunkirk.

Dan Parkes website has some nice photographs of Lightoller and his family, including a funny one of an elderly Lightoller "mugging" for the camera with his pipe ! All in all the Lightoller family gave the impression of being a happy bunch.

There is a charming photograph of Lightoller and his young sons Trevor and Roger about the time of the Titanic disaster. The boys look very proud of their dad.

Another is of Charles and Roger Lightoller (in RNVR uniform) relaxing together sometime during WW2 aboard the Lightoller family's beloved "Sundowner".

As you rightly say in your OP, Brian Lightoller and Roger Lightoller very sadly did not make it to VE Day.

Flying Officer Herbert Brian Lightoller

Service Number: 37884

Regiment & Unit/Ship: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 107 Sqdn.

Date of Death: Died 04 September 1939 Age 21 years old

Buried or commemorated at: Sage War Cemetery 4. B. 13 Germany

"Son of Comdr. Charles Herbert Lightoller, R.N.R., and Sylvia Lightoller, of Twickenham, Middlesex."
Lieutenant Frederic Roger Lightoller

Regiment & Unit/Ship: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve H.M.S. Odyssey.

Date of Death: Died 09 March 1945 Age 38 years old

Buried or commemorated at: Bayeux War Cemetery VIII. B. 22 France

Awards: Distinguished Service Cross, Twice Mentioned in Despatches

"Son of Comdr. Charles Herbert Lightoller, D.S.C., R.D., R.N.R., and Sylvia Lightoller; husband of Marcia June Lightoller, of Southgate, Middlesex."

Inscription: "Beloved husband of Marcia dear daddy of Daphne. All is love there is no death."
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Sara S

Thank you so much. I really would like to see this picture of Charles with his sons from the time of the titanic disaster. I'm definetly gonna look it up.
Though I always wondered why there seems so much silence around his relationship with his daughters, especially since one of them lived into the 21st century, which is pretty exiting imo. I speculate that daughters might have been always closer to the mother and more distant towards the father at that time? I can't even find pictures of them, let alone any references they made about their father. As I said, one of the dauthers lived into our century so I am suprised little is known about her or why she didn't speak much about the titanic

Thomas Krom

Thank you so much. I really would like to see this picture of Charles with his sons from the time of the titanic disaster. I'm definetly gonna look it up.

Here it is, with the compliments of the talented historian Dan Parkes (Titanic's Officers - RMS Titanic - Second Officer C.H.Lightoller)
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