Lightoller House


Cassandra Crowther

I was hoping to get over to Twickenham to see Lightoller's house, but I understand that it was torn down. Is there anyplace I might find a photograph of it?

Also, does anyone have a picture of the memorial? It would be nice to see it. Thank you. Love coming to the site and checking new things out.
Inger Sheil

Inger Sheil

Cassandra, I have photographs of the house before it was torn down. I'll be putting at least one on the new site I'm working on with Jemma. Someone else might have a few shots to put up here, however.

I'll be heading out to Twickenham soom to check out the memorial plaque - I have the local newspaper clippings regarding its unveiling. While the ceremony for the plaque's unveiling took place at Richmond's Rag Regatta, the plaque will be erected at No. 1 Duck's Walk - a rather familiar address!