Lightoller looking down emergency stairs

Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
Lightoller checks "Emergency Stairs" in A Night to remember, and the book reports it runs from the Boat Deck, down to E-Deck. In the ANTR movie, its shown as a zigzag stairwell. While the ship was sinking, he used it as a gauge to check how fast she was sinking. But I can't find it on the deckplans. Do y'all know? thanks

Jeff Wilson

Jan 28, 2008
More than likely these were the escape ladders in the fidleys which were situated fore and aft of each funnel and went from each boiler room all the way to the boat deck. They were covered with a large metal grate.. Ironically, as the ship was taking its lurch forward, Lightoller was sucked against one of the fidley grates as he entered the water and then a blast of air pushed him to he surface very close to collapsible B.

See the following post for a very detailed description of the escape ladders (especially the H&G demo).
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