Lightoller's family


Cindy H

Given that Lightoller had several sons, I'm guessing that he still has a surviving family. Any news on them and what they thought of the portrayal of Lightoller in Cameron's film? I imagine they were not terribly happy over the boat capacity thing, but other than that it was pretty good. In fact, I'm now a pretty big fan of Jonathon Phillips. He was so.... true to human nature.

Mike Herbold

In the 'Author's Introduction and Acknowledgements' to the 1998 reprint of his book "Titanic Voyager: The Odyssey of C.H. Lightoller," British author Patrick Stenson thanks the following relatives: Anne-Marie Oblensky and Tim Lightoller, cousins, and grandchildren; and Betty Lightoller.

This book is a must buy, and is available through the Titanic Historical Society.