Lillian Bentham

I am doing some research on Lillian Bentham for my latest Titanic dinner (Titanic VII) - think that I read that she may have a surviving relative - does anyone have any information???
John Pulos

Emily J. DeFilipps

Lillian Bentham has a nephew, I believe, in the Rochester, NY area. His last name is Black(her married name) and his first name may be Donald. She never had any children of her own. She lived in the town of Holley just west of Rochester where I now live. While she was in Europe before
heading home on the Titanic her mother moved to Rochester. When the movie Titanic came out I recall a piece in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle about her and this nephew was interviewed. It was a while ago but I'm assuming he is still living. There is a listing for a Donald Black in the Rochester phone book or maybe you could contact the D&C newspaper. It may have been carol Ritter(local human interest column writer) who wrote the article but I'm not sure.

Jason D. Tiller

Lillian also has a great niece that lives in the same house that Lillian lived in. This past Sunday, I went to Rochester and met Jill Carlier. We visited the home to take a picture, but not only that we met the relative! She welcomed us into her home and showed us original local newspapers with the Titanic disaster on the front pages, that her great aunt had kept. Jill or I had not seen most of the newspapers, so it was great!

She is a very friendly lady to talk to and we were really surprised to meet her. As far as the nephew goes, she doesn't have any information on him. As soon as my pictures are developed, I will post them.
According to the obituary about Lillian W. Black (The Times Union) she died at her nephew Donald Bentham mentioned above.
Also is mentioned Richard O. Connors book "Down to Eternity" where it is told how Mrs Black won the special apprehension of her fellow passengers in the lifeboat. Is O. Connor s book available somewhere? Obituary was from December 19 1977.


I know this is a long time after the post began! However it may be of interest, my grandmother's cousin was Peter Mckane who was a member of Lillian's travelling party. Sadly he perished that night.

If anyone would like to know more, I can tell you what I know pls email me [email protected]