Linda Goodswin

Jul 4, 2020
MY Poam about the titanic
The still of the ocean seas, made titanic sail like a breeze,

Back in 1912 the biggest ship set sail, she was made really well.

Unsinkable so they said, not knowing, what laid ahead.

It took years to plan, and made with men’s fine hand.

Thomas Andrews was the main man, who designed the ship so grand.

It set sail that April day, picking up crow along the way, ready for a long journey, for a few days, helping keep the ship at bay, also picking up passengers along the way.

First class were treated really well; it was like being in a luxury hotel

2ed class was ok, not rich or poor “so they say” and treated better than 3ed class of its day

For four days and night everything seemed fine, upon the ocean line.

But that all changed, on Sunday, titanic ran in to hell, it was dark as well. It hit an iceberg before it was seen, they called for the captain and his team, to do a turn but by then the iceberg had ripped the stern

Water poured in the lower decks, the captain was really scared, called for Andrews to see the mess, he told him that the ship will sink to its death, are you Shaw the captain yelled, we better man the lifeboats or we will all go to hell, so get them lifeboats out right now, but Andrews already new that most people will be doomed, exempt a few because of the lack of lifeboats there was not enough for all the crew and passages, only enough to save a few.

A lot of women and children were saved, in the few lifeboats that the men had helped to get away but most of them women became widows after that day, as their husbands were made to stay.

Most of the crew went down with the ship, so did captain smith.

They did try and call for help but it was too late, for all of them to be saved, 1500 died and went down with that unsinkable ocean line.

The carpathia came to the lifeboats aid and picked them up, so over 700 were saved

There is still a fascination in this ship because people can’t understand why an unsinkable ship could take so many lives because of one hit.

So what can I say so many lives were lost on that day, titanic slip away but it legend is here to stay, the story lived on even after so long because of its great name, in the ocean it will always remain and Thomas Andrews name will always live on.

So rest in peace to all who died that night until you and your loved ones reunite, and sail away on a new ocean line and be together all the time.

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