Liners and Cruise Ships Worth Preserving


Jun 11, 2019
Garland, TX
Out of all the cruise ships and liners currently in service today, which ones do you think would be worth preserving as hotel and museum ships once retired. To me, those include Queen Mary 2, MV Stockholm/Athena, Marco Polo, Funchal, Disney Cruise Line ships, Oriana (1995), and Aurora (2000).

B Portwig

Mar 25, 2019
south africa
arch against your list maybe the marco polo and funchal which i believe there is already talk of the latter - my personal feeling and i stress personal opinion - the queen mary of 1934 is the most successful to date by virtue of the age followed by rotterdam - the united states should have been scrapped years ago - she has been out of service for over 50 odd years to date - the doulos - probably the oldest x passenger ship ( she sailed as such as the franca c - built in 1914 ) is a privately funded restoration to date - and then of course the qe 2 in dubai - albeit the finished restoration might not be to everyone's liking - back home we have 3 tugs and a old navy ship as museums - there is another cable ship - buy her fate is sealed as she has been earmarked for scuttling - briefly and in closing - its one thing to want any ship to be restored and or converted into a museum ship - its quite another to MAINTAIN and preserve a ship through economics and continued public support - case in point - the aforementioned united states

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