Link to Brands in Gilded Age

Unfortunately, the link provided to that discussion is broken, and not accessible. My family (on my dad's side) wouldn't be here without a Harley-Davidson. My grandfather courted my grandmother on one! He was a farm boy (a very LARGE farm!) and my grandmother had been sent to live in the country to persuade her to give up her dreams of running away to New York to become an actress. She saw this young man riding up and down the dirt roads on this motor cycle, and decided he was a wild one. She made his acquaintance and he invited her to jump on the back and ride with him! Mind you, this was during the Gilded Age when proper young ladies in their white gauze dresses simply did not bare their legs or press their bodies up against a young man, so when she hopped on the Harley-Davidson behind him, it was quite the scandal!!! They were said to have had a shotgun wedding to protect her honor. (I don't think she gave a flip about her honor!)