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List of rooms of the wreck already explored

Discussion in 'The Many Expeditions to the Wreck' started by alanzman, May 24, 2015.

  1. alanzman

    alanzman Member

    Does anyone know where to find a current list of the rooms / areas of the wreck that have been explored since 1985? I've seen so many documentaries talk about being the first to enter such and such suite / area of the ship , however I have yet to see a complete list or illustration documenting it. Also, does anyone know what is the lowest deck of the bow section interior that has been viewed to date (not including the area where she detached from the stern)?
  2. Jane Smith

    Jane Smith Member

    I think the lowest room in the bow could be the Cooling Room of the Turkish Baths on F Deck or the cargo holds.

    I’m not entirely sure if there is a list. But these are the rooms/areas that I know that has been explored:
    The Grand Staircase chasm has been explored.
    Passenger staterooms
    The 1st Class Reception Room & and forward part of the 1st class Dining room
    The #1 cargo hold
    The Cooling Room of the Turkish Baths
    3rd class open space on D Deck?
    The wireless room
    Wheel house and the remains of the bridge
    Forward well deck and forecastle
    Possibly the exposed BR 2
    Parts of Scotland Road.
    Mail room/post office and squash court??
    Firemen's mess under the forecastle
    A Deck & Boat Deck promenade?

    The exposed end of the Reciprocating Engine Room
    The remains of the poop deck and aft well deck
    The remains of the 2nd Class Entrance on the Boat Deck?
    The remains of the 1st class Smoke room? Palm Court & Veranda Cafes?
    The remains of the 3rd class general room and smoke room?
    The propellers?

    I think this has been the explored areas but I’m not sure