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Joan David

Survivors from RMS Titanic

There are some mistakes as for example that there have slipped past passengers of the second and third class and the names badly written

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Jul 20, 2000

If this is the List you are relying on compare the names with the 1st Class Passenger List on this web-site. Just to note a few of the errors:
Karl Barratt is most likely Karl Behr.
Howard Case did not survive.
Mr & Mrs Davidson and family. Thornton Davidson died. Family. - What family? - Mrs Davidson's parents Mr & Mrs Charles Hays were onboard. Mrs Hays survived. Charles Hays did not.
There was no Mrs TG Frauenthal on the Titanic. - "Isaac Gerald Frauenthal never married".
Neither was William Graham on the Titanic.
Miss Ella Goldenberg is a distorted error for Mrs Nella Goldenberg. who is already on the List.
Ella Thor and Mrs G Thorne are the same person - Gertrude Maybelle Thorne.
Geo Wick did not survive. His wife did.
Edwin Keeping [George Widener's valet] did not survive.

The List is not anything like any White Star Lists that I have seen, rather it looks like the Lists that appeared in newspapers and which were based on Telegraphic Lists. For the problems association with those Lists see the post by Dave Gittins under: Biographical - 1st Class First Class Passengers forgotten

The Roll of the Dead RMS Titanic on the web-site you are using: is also full of errors. - Look under Page Title: Roll of the Dead RMS Titanic.

Even their: Passenger List RMS Titanic, only lists 3rd Class at Queenstown and is based on the May 1912 White Star Passenger List, which is full of errors.

Not a web-site you should reply on for Titanic information.
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