Little Titanic Museum has expanded

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the Little Titanic Museum which exists only online has expanded. Thanks so much to Steve Santini (Titanic Concepts Inc.) for sharing with us some of his great documents! You can have a look on a very rare letter concerning Ida and Isidor Straus, an ivory tag from a bed, the famous deck chair...and much more.


Here is the link:

Regards Henning

The deck chair is great!

Thanks for posting the link. I see you've changed the look of the site which is very nice, though it was already. (I'm glad you have kept the Lucile "room!")

Thanks Colleen & Randy

Steve is a very sympathic and interesting man. I hope I will see all these precious Titanic documents of Titanic Concepts Inc some day with my own eyes.

I think the Little Titanic Museum made some progress (specially after Steve has send some pictures...) since the first issue.

It took me some hours to cut the deck chair (virtually) into little pieces and rebuild it like a mosaic on the deck photograph (including some shadow...). You can't see it but it was one of the most complicated graphics I have ever done (with a very cheap and simple program). I love the result as well.

Best regards
Dear Henning,
It is with great pleasure that we here at Titanic Concepts Inc. are able to see some of our artifacts presented on your site. Ever since we closed the Manitoba Museum of the Titanic in 2000, we have been saddened that the public did not have the ongoing opportunity to see these rare documents and 3D artifatcs related to the Titanic. After all, it was for public education and enjoyment that we opened the museum in the first place. Please accept my sincere congratulations as curator, and those also of Vera Hermanns as CEO, that you have presented us with this opportunity and have designed and presented such an excellent exhibit on your web site. As I mentioned to you in a previous e mail, we have a number of other rare and seldom seen Titanic and Titanic related artifacts and we look forward to presenting some of these on your site in the not too distant future. Very best regards, Steve Santini and Vera Hermanns.
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