Living Titanic Survivors

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Chris Labonde


This message is for anyone. As elaborate and detailed as this web site is, I could not find any info on living survivors. If anyone knows how many living survivors there are today, please tell me. Also if anyone has any pictures of these survivors, please include them. I am interseted in finding out who the oldest living survivor of Titanic is. Thanks.

Chris LaBonde
There are five living survivors at present, the oldest being Winifred Van Tongerloo nee Quick, who is 95. The others are Barbara West, Michel Navratil, Lillian Asplund and Millvina Dean. All of them do have info. on them on the site. Also of note, is that Second Class passenger Kate Phillips who was eloping w/ Mr. William Morley, gave birth to a baby daughter Ellen in 1913 who I believe is still living. Apparantly the timing of the birth backed up Kate Phillips claims that the child was conceived immediately before or during the voyage.

The A&E video series, Titanic, features interviews w/ both Ms. Dean and Mssr. Navratil.

Good luck on finding other info. and pix.

Good old "Voyage" 27 (the all-time reference issue)had an article by Bracken and Findlay with information about Kate Phillip's daughter Ellen Walker. Kate was a trouble woman, but after she died, Ellen started researching her family history and now, quote, simply wants to be recognized as Henry Morley's child and the "youngest survivor of the Titanic", unquote.

According to that same article, Argene Del Carlo was also expecting at the time, and her daughter, Maria Salvata, continues to live in obscurity in a small Italian village.
I posted too early. The same article mentions that Hannah O'Brien was also with child on the Titanic, and that her daughter, Marion, is alive in Connecticut.


I'm doing a report on the survivors of the Titanic. Can you please give more information on how to find out more about the survivors of the Titanic, or put some more information about such people and if they are currently living and if they are deceased what day did they die. Thanks.

Mark Bray

Lillian Gertude Asplund is still living in MASS.
Micheal Navatril is still living in France
Winifred Von Tongerloo lives in Michigan
Barbara J. West Dainton lives in France
Mullvina Dean lives in England

There may be few errors on this, if there are will someone who reads this fix them. These are the knwon five living survivors of the Titanic. As far as the survivors deceased they are all of this WONDERFUL website Phillip has created. Hope this helps you in your report!!

Thanks for a great website Phillip!!!!! : )


Margaret Mitchell

I found a site that listed survivors but it has been 2 years since that list was updated. I tried to search on this site for living survivors but wasn't very lucky. Somewhere on the net I found a site that not only listed survivors but it listed the people alive that were in utero on the titanic, but I didn't bookmark it. Learned my lesson. Does anyone have the living survivor info?


Well there are five...I will give you the names and you can find their biography here on this site.

Millvina Dean
Michel Navratil
Barbara J. West
Lillian Gertude Asplund
Winifred Vera Quick

Filipe Prista Lucas Rodrigues Lopes

Hi there! Does anyone have any news on the living survivors ? Havent heard any news from them in a while, and was just wondering how they are!

Thanks, Filipe
Hi, Filipe, I`m sorry I don`t have the answer to that question. However, it`s great to see you again! How are you? I think you`ll be glad to know I joined the Law Faculty of the University of Porto. I`ll send you an E-mail one of these days. Again, good to see you.
Best regards,
Hi Filipe,
I don't know much about Dainton (nobody does--the last I heard anything definite was very early in the year when a BTS member had taken her out to a fine dinner (so apparently she was quite well then)- but right now I think Mrs. Van Tongerloo seems to be in the best shape of the others with no real health problems--and will turn 98 next month. Lillian Asplund has had some serious bouts in the last year and has been hospitalized but I guess is holding her own and is partially cared for by two cousins. Sadly, Millvina is having some of the worst problems and is even finding it difficult to get around her own house. Brian Ticehurst recently visited her and said her good sense of humor is intact but that she is in a great deal of pain resulting from her hip surgery and hardly even able to have visitors. When the Ticehursts visited, she had a hard time even coming out of her bedroom to visit in her living room.



I have always been facinated by the Titanic. I was wondering if there are any survivors still alive today? If there are could you please give me names and as much information as possible?

Tracy Smith

There are four survivors still alive today. To learn more about them, go to the FAQ thread and under that click the "How Many Survivors Are Still Alive" subthread.
I understand that the four are doing well heather. If you go under the thread "How are the survivors doing" in this section then it will tell you the current health status of all 4.
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