Living Titanic Survivors

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Dennis Foley

This question has probably been asked many times, but how many Titanic survivors are known to be alive and who are they?? Thanks. Dennis

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Dennis, here is the updated information, on the remaining survivors:
1. Millvina Dean just turned age 94;
2. Barbara West will be 95 in May; and,
3. Lillian Asplund recently will be 100 this year.

Millvina Dean and Lillian Asplund were 3rd Class passengers, and Barbara West was a 2nd Class passenger. All three women were traveling with their families. Ms. Dean and Ms. West were just infants/toddlers at the time of the voyage. In the years since, only Ms. Dean has given any interviews; the other women do not wish to discuss the tragedy.

Further, as has been noted on this Board, and posted various times, NONE of the three living survivors wish to be contacted by people they do not know.
A couple of months ago Ms Barbra West passed away leaving Ms Millvina Dean as the last survivor of the Titanic. At only two months old at the time of the sinking Ms Dean wouldn't have any first hand memory of the Titanic.
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