Locating information about a crew member of the Morro Castle

According to family lore, my deceased uncle, Robert Young, was reported to be a "busboy" on the Morro Castle on the night of the ship's demise. It's been said that he aided two young women, giving them his life jacket. All three survived the ordeal. Years after the event, he and the two women were interviewed in a newspaper, but no one in my family now living knows in which newspaper this article appeared. I would love to locate that article, but lengthy searches on the internet and in various news data bases have revealed no information.
Hello, Lois: I will dig through my papers and see what I can turn up on Mr. Young. I believe that he garnered some press attention in 1934. From the crew list, on file at the SUNY Maritime's Luce Library, I can tell you that he was listed as:

Young, Robert. 18. Bellboy. 105-13 109th Street, Ozone Park NY.

on the manifest. The Luce Library has transcripts of the testimony of all the crew members who spoke at the hearings, and I have Mr Young's 1934 FBI deposition on order through the FoIA, so I can shortly be of more help to you.

Are you in the NY area? I ask because the Long Island Room at the Jamaica Public Library has not only the 1934 Queens papers in which he appeared, but also the other papers clear through the present. Twould take a MASSIVE amount of digging, but if Mr. Young remained in Queens, one would have to read EVERY Sept. 8th/9th issue of Newsday (the fire anniversary), for I suspect that is where and when the article would have run. If you have a rough uidea of when he was interviewed, that will of course reduce the search.

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I am staggered by the information you already have garnered about my uncle, Robert Young! My aunt told me that she thought the article on my uncle came out in the late 1950's or early 60's. Perhaps 1959 would be a likely year for the article to have been written since it would have been the 25th anniversary of the disaster.

I am not in the NY area, but my sister lives on Long Island, NY. Perhaps a field trip to the Jamaica Public Library is in order. Where is SUNY Maritime's Luce Library located?

Thank you SO much for your help!
Hi, Lois!

I'm bogged down under Christmas details, but will dig through my papers as time permits.

>Where is SUNY Maritime's Luce Library located?

DIRECTLY under the Bronx end of the Throgs Neck Bridge. Next time I go there, I shall check the testimony for you: he mightn't have been called, and if he wasn't, that will save you a trip!
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