Location of survivors that described the ship break during the breakup

I would like to know all of the survivor's locations around/at the titanic when the ship broke, specifically those who described the breakup (i.e. Jack Thayer, Carrie Chaffee, etc.)
Diagrams are appreciated and would be very helpful for my research.
Thank you.

Kyle Naber

[There’s a notion that because the lights were dimming throughout the night, people in the boats got used to the darkness towards the end and were able to easily see the ship part.

If this isn’t the case, there are also reports of red sparks illuminating the break area, and you could actually make out people and objects in the water for a split second as well as the then missing bow.

Rennette Marston

Rennette Marston
It's on threads like this I miss Aaron_2016 :D

As eccentric and far-fetched as he may have been, it would be fun if he was still around. Perhaps he would give us more "insight" on the subject matter ;)

P.S., I especially miss his old vintage videos and clips of survivors describing what they saw. He really was a decent channel if you exclude his V-break theory. Touche that his channel was terminated, he had a lot of great content there.

Rob Lawes

I do miss Aaron and wish he'd come back. The whole thing on YouTube was obviously not very pleasant.

He had a very good knowledge of survivor testimony and produced some interesting newspaper stories, cuttings and information.

I helped him with a bit of family research which he was grateful for.

I'd love to sit down and have a coffee with him and discuss his ideas face to face because I think a great deal gets lost in communication through the Web.

In the past I urged him to get his ideas reviewed properly because he won't believe anyone who tells him his methodology of explaining the flooding mechanics is simply wrong. There's even been a poster on here who is a specialist in the field and works for the US government and they couldn't convince him he was wrong.

As you say, all of this drowns out the interesting and varied content he finds for discussion.

I think its far better to have these conversations ongoing and discussed with Grace and good humour than to lose them by closing ourselves off.

I can't see a way forward until Aaron uses all of the information in his possession to commit his ideas to a formal book or paper and present it to the wider world.
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