Location of the survivor of the Titanic

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HELP! somebody can inform like were had the survivors to me the Titanic within Carpathia, is to say that ubicacií²n correspondian to him inside of the boat and as the passengers of the boat of the Cunard responded? THANKS THANKS!!!!!!

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HELP!!!! alguien me puede informar como fueron dispuestos los sobrevivientes del Titanic dentro del carpathia, es decir que ubicacií²n le correspondian adentro del barco y como respondieron los pasajeros del barco de la Cunard??? GRACIAS GRACIAS!!!!!!
The short version is that they had the survivors stuffed into whatever parts of the passenger accomadation and public rooms they could find. The Carpathia was a fairly small ship and with 706 new passengers hitching a ride in mid ocean, they had to make the best of the limited facilities they had available.
THANKS! Michael by your answer. Now like in the Titanic, they were divided by classes within the Carpathia?

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GRACIAS!!! Michael por tu respuesta. Ahora al igual que en el Titanic, estaban divididos por clases dentro del Carpathia?
Hello Mauro

Having just read Captain Rostron's biography, it seems it was his intention that they should be separated. It may not have quite worked out in practice and as Michael said, to some extent they probably had to fit them in where they could.

A small quotation from the book:- "I gave the Instructions which follow: The English doctor to remain in the first-class dining-room; the Italian doctor in the second-class dining-room and the Hungarian doctor in the third".

Sorry I cannot convert that in to Spanish.
>>they were divided by classes within the Carpathia?<<

That was my understanding of the situation. Given the laws in force at the tim, some sort of effort would have to have been made to at least keep the 3rd class seperated from the rest of the pack, or they could reasonably look forward to a nightmarish time with the immigration authorities.

While it may seem discriminatory to our sensibilities, there were some very sound and practical reasons for this, not the least of which was that 3rd class, coming from the lower economic classes were a lot more likely to be carrying infectious diseases. How well this actually worked out in the actual execution of the plan on the Carpathia I can't even begin to guess. They only had so much ship to stuff all the new arrivals into so they may have had to take certain liberties with the rules.

Not that too many complained considering what the alternative could have been.
THANKS! Michael by info. But then the 3 passengers of class of the Titanic who survived did not happen through the Ellis island?
Well, Ellis Island was where the paperwork was processed, but as I understand it, for humanitarian reasons, the part where the immigrants would have to physically go through the site itself was waived. I may be mistaken on this however, so I'll let one of the passenger people speak to that.
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