Hey guys,

I'll be moving to London next month (after I've been to the beginning of Titanic: Made in Belfast week in, errr, Belfast). Would be good to meet up for a few beers with some fellow Titanicoraks or even a meal at Oceanic House.

Are there any Titanic events happening in London in the near future?

I need to make sure I only show off the best the South has to offer, plus I'm keen to find likeminded individuals who won't get bored when I discuss in detail how Harold Bride was most definitely right about the last song played on board! Not that I'm biased in favour of the wireless boys at all...
Hi Carla.
Bob G and I sometimes nip into London to meet up, though I have to say we very rarely mention the Titanic, being more inclined to eat, drink and goggle at bizarre stuff in the Hunterian Museum or the John Soanes house etc. And I'd be little good at discussing the last song played on board - I wore myself out with that subject writing an article for ET some time ago. But in the Spring, perhaps? And maybe McKeefery will forsake the north for an Away Day to the Smoke?
Hey Monica,
That sounds like a great idea! We'll see what we can do about convincing Ryan to join us, though I think anything involving a pub will ensure his attendance.