Look Out! Southampton's Titanic Story In Song


Jeff Henry

As a lifelong resident of Southampton, myself and two other local songwriters thought it appropriate a couple of years ago to create a respectful tribute to the hundreds of local Titanic crew who died in the sinking. So in April 2010, St Michaels Church in the city saw the first performance of our song suite Look Out!
It is not a 'Hollywood style' costumed musical, but rather an intimate story, starting with the arrival of the great liner, and all the hope and excitement that came with her. It follows her departure, and eventual encounter with destiny, through the official enquiries, and the subsequent effect of the disaster on the town and the survivors. It is a story very much from the town's perspective, particularly the crew and local sea-faring community. Fred Fleet, the look-out on the night, is a central character.
We have performed the 90 minute suite a number of times since 2010, our next performance being April 11th at the Turner Sims concert hall in Southampton, to an audience including the mayor of the City and other local dignitories. Each previous performance has been enthusiastically received, and we expect this one to be particularly moving.
We have brought together an ensemble of local singers and musicians specifically for the purposes, and as far as we know this is a unique view of the tragedy.
A double CD of the songs has again been well received. Edward Kamuda, founder of the US Titanic Society, describes it as "...nothing short of excellent."
Further details regarding the song suite, and availability of the CD, can be found at Titanic Story In Song