Looking for a long lost webpage


michael elmore

Around 2 years ago, I stumbled upon a very in-depth transcript of a dive to the Titanic. It included a pretty descriptive play-by-play, separated into sections deck-by-deck. It also included a large number of pictures. Here's what I can remember about the page:

-The formatting was very plain; white background, black text.
-I remember seeing an image of a glass bottle still sitting upright in its shelf on a vanity on one of the decks of the ship. A remarkable find.
-I also remember at the very end them discussing going into the cargo hold, but being unable to. They took a quick peak down, but didn't see much other than lumps of silt, and perhaps a glimmer of the Renault.

That's all I can really remember..I've been searching in vain for this page for months now. Does anyone know about it?