Looking for a museum picture

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I guess with differing accounts one has to wonder.

Even if Astor was not crushed by a falling funnel, the recovery of Titanic's wheelhouse door does seem to suggest a massive degree of damage done to the bridge.

I am personally inclined to think it was caused by a falling funnel.

But, this is only my opinion.

Steve Santini

Kevin Saucier

It's a bit grainy because it's from a copy of the SOD curators report in Orlando. What a great group! Thanks to Steve I also have a much better pic of the closed cabinet. I think the shelf is what William is interested in. Here you go.

Thanks Kevin,
I had a friend with a Paypal acct bid on your piece of shelf wood for me on ebay today.
Now lets hope I am the winner


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My man won the wood fragment for me!
Yoohoo! Now I shall have a fragment of Kevin's famous cabinet shelf.
I figger it will appreciate in value more than the coal as years roll on.
Wanted to let everyone know the positive experience I had dealing with Kevin Saucier.
I recieved the wood fragment today and it was just as described and with the proper paperwork etc.
I recommend those who haven't done business with Kevin to do so.
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