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Apr 3, 2020
Hey everyone!! I hope you're all doing well.

I want to get a nice poster for my office so as I was brainstorming ideas an image of a poster I saw years ago popped into my head... I am hoping someone out there knows if this poster is still for sale & where to get it or maybe can recommend a good alternative if it isn't.

I know a lot of you probably haven't heard of this movie, but there was a film made in 1997 titled "Titanic", in this film there is a scene that takes place shortly after the collision with the iceberg where Mr. Andrews tells Captain Smith, Bruce Ismay and the senior officers that Titanic will sink. In this scene he unrolls Titanic's blueprints over Captain Smiths desk and he uses this to explain how the ship will sink. I am wanting to get this - or something as close as possible- as a large poster - somewhere in the neighborhood of 36" long x 24" tall. I am finding all sorts of smaller posters, but Im looking for something large.

I saw this as a poster for sale a few years back and I am kicking myself for not getting it when I had the chance.... I will include a link to a video of the scene I am referring to for context
It appears the blueprints have a side profile view of Titanic on the top, and two rows of deck plans under that.... Its 3 rows of designs. I found a black and white picture of these specific blueprints but I cant find the actual blueprints that were used in the film.

I hate to be fussy, but I am really set on getting the "3 row" blueprints. I am finding some blueprint posters that either have too much, or too little on them. I find the 3 rows aesthetically pleasing. Im seeing some blueprint posters that have the deck plans for almost every deck and it looks cluttered and ugly. I am seeing some where it is only the side profile view of Titanic and that is too minimalistic. What a joy I am......

If someone can help me either track this poster down OR help me find a good alternative Id be wiling to buy you a cool Titanic artifact as thanks!

This is décor for my office, I really thought the classic blueprint look was nice. As far as alternatives go, I don't want a cartoon/animated picture of Titanic on my wall at work, but something technical (like blueprints) with a "professional" theme would work too.

Thank you guys in advance. Youre all awesome!!

#1 => The scene I am referring to:
#2 => I included a black and white image I found of what appears to be the blueprints used in this scene. If only I could find this as a POSTER!!! :)


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Nov 14, 2005
Well if your looking for a 3 row you might check this site out. Seems they have many options on size and style. But the 36" x 24" will require you to open your wallet a little bit wider if you know what I mean. They even have a 40"x28" according to their site.

Thomas Krom

Nov 22, 2017
Hello gentlemen,

I must report however that the deckplan is not the general arrangement plan of the Titanic, it is the general arrangement plan of the Olympic pre-June 1911. The Titanic had general arrangement plans as the kinds of this plan but these ones are quite harder to find online. The main differences you can see on the plans are on boat deck at the layout of the officers quarters (which were completely redesigned for the Titanic) and B-deck which had her first class staterooms and special staterooms extending completely outboard by removing the B-deck promenade which could be found on the Olympic. The á la carte restaurant was also extended on the port side and the café Parisian were added on the Titanic too. There are quite a few more differences between the Olympic and Titanic which can be found on the plan, such as stateroom A-36 and A-37 in Harland and Wolff bedroom B style at the after-Louis XIV staircase (occupied by Thomas Andrews Jr (A-36) and Francis Browne (A-37) respectfully).

Outside that I would like to mention the scene in the 1997 movie is very inaccurate and a dramatization of what happened in real life. Mr. Ismay was not present for example and captain Smith was already informed that she could not stay afloat at about 12:10 below decks. Thomas Andrews Jr after that only had to estimate how long she would have got after 12:10. At around 12:20 he rushed up the forward Louis XIV staircase knowing that she only would have a hour to a hour and a half to stay afloat. Not 2 as depicted in the movie. Outside that Harland and Wolff, and Thomas Andrews Jr too, knew she only could stay afloat with her forward 3 compartment flooded, 4 was calculated post-Titanic.

I hope this information is possibly helpful.

Yours sincerely,

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