Looking for a rare picture of Mr Andrews

Hi guys, a couple of months ago I stumbled across a site about the Titanic: Made in Belfast festival.

On one particular day you could go on a guided tour of Comber, Thomas Andrews's birthplace. I found a link with pictures taken on that day. I was wondering if someone happens to have a larger version of the image of Andrews that's in the background of the fourth picture on this site

Kelly, are you speaking of this picture?


I'm not exactly sure if that is the correct one...If not, I'm sorry.
heyy Kelly (I'm a 'Kelly' too. what a coincidence).

I looked on google for the picture. I looked through 50 pages of pictures there until I gave up. So i cut that picture out of the big picture. and then made it bigger. so this should be it. sorry for the bad quality.

---Kelly. (this is NeverForget1912 from DLC! hi!)
Thanks Catie and Kelly - I have seen your picture in An Illustrated history, Catie, I think. And Kelly, that should be the one I'm looking for - if only I knew where in Comber to find that portrait...
Perhaps you could attempt to ask whatever association it is that started the whole event there. if you tried contacting them, they could possibly tell you the location of the picture or maybe if you ask nicely they'll take a picture of the picture for you.

Ah well, that's a great idea. I might just do that, I'm starting to think that's the only possible solution.

(sorry I'm so late.. haven't been to this site in more than a month! blame it on the DLC's Titanic thread *grin*)
Dark Lords Council, a message boards for 'fantastic' fandoms, eg Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings... etc.

In the Culture forum we have a little Titanic chat thread...
yes, and the latest posts happen to be me talking about how Thomas Andrews likely had to beat the women away with his rolled up blueprints just to prevent them from tearing off his clothing. haha.

but yea.... that's just me.... i post weird stuff, but everyone else posts better stuff that actually relates to the Titanic.