Looking for a speicial book which starts with pictures of the building at harlang Wolff

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Feb 7, 2001
A few years ago I read a book which started with a description of the building at the warf.
Quite detailed.
The description of the happenings aboard when sinking where very brief, but the book concentrated very much on the investigations in US and UK, especially the explanation given by mr. Fleet and - very brief - his fate in life.
Does anyone knows the title of this book??
Thank you very much if I succed in finding it.
I am - or rather were a - radioofficer, serving as such in danish ships in the late sixties. The interest in beeing a radioofficer came after I read a book on Marconi, where the loss of the TITANIC were discribed with focus on mr. Bride and mr. Philips, and I guess the decision in education were taken in admiration of these two brave men, whom I still admire.
Evald Lindholm Seemann
Pilevaenge 3, Snoldelev
DK-4621 Gadstrup, Denmark
Jan 31, 2001

Did the book have many paintings and pictures? Perhaps it was Titanic: An Illustrated History, first published in 1992. It starts out as you described, and has a lot on the inquiries. I hope this helps.


tracey campkin

Evald, A very good book that I recently read was one by the name of 'Titanic Voices' which gave a very good account of the happenings at Harland and Wolff and about the people involved (mainly those at Southampton) and the court proceedings afterwards. 'A Treasury of Titanic Tales' has a section on Marconi. Hope this helps. All The Best, Tracey
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