Looking for family members of Mr WilliamThomas STEAD

Feb 4, 2006
Friday, 21st of July 2006

Regarding Mr William-Thomas Stead passenger of 1st class lost with Titanic.
Famous journalist involved also in spiritual studies.
A great personality.
I have a small book written in 1922, in Greece.
In this book is referring to Mr Stead when he, after his death, appeared as a spirit to his beloved daughter, in 1914, explaining to here how he experienced the very first moments after his death. Also speaking, about the kind of life he had afterwards in the:
"BLUE LAKE" this is also the title of the book.
People knowing enough about the person will understand what I mean as Mr, Stead had a big interest during his life and carrier for spiritual studies
So for years now, i had a special attachment with this man described in the small book I had read. And in 2006 happened that the exhibition of Titanic came to Greece and I had the opportunity to visit it. I searched and found "My Mr Stead" in the list between the passengers of the first class. Through the Encyclopaedia Titanica I learned a lot more about him, and fell now mach closer to his personality.
It is sure that during the several contacts he had after his death with his beloved daughter, he might have had described his last moments on the Titanic.
Unfortunately this small book I have in my library as from 1922 contains only fragments of his experience after the death. So what I am looking fore is any information regarding family members still existing or publications on this respect ,Any information will be appreciated..

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