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Looking for game where I can use Titanic

Discussion in 'Games CD Programs etc' started by coal eater, Dec 5, 2018 at 1:38 AM.

  1. coal eater

    coal eater Member

    i am looking for game where i can simply see how far titanic would steam at full/half/slow speed ahead/astern after collision before it gets a boiler rooms flooded b] propellers pop out of water.

    so far there are mods for grand theft auto V titanic mod,theres one for san andreas aswell but none of tem let me control ship during sinking

    found ever mods for silent hunter 3 and silent hunter 4 with playable titanic model or "torpedoable" but n SH4 it stops after torpedo impact [hit between cargoh old 2 and 3] and in slent hunter 3 it does not go down even one degree after torpedo hit [titanic made of cork?]