Looking For LUSITANIA Photographs

Mar 27, 2004
New York State, United States
I have a number of photographs of the LUSITANIA and her sisters, MAURETANIA & AQUITANIA, in my collection, but would be interested in seeing how many of my fellow photograph & paraphernalia collectors out there would be willing to share such content with me in a potential upcoming project.

I am primarily interested in:

1) Original Photographs
2) Postcards
3) Artwork
4) Plans/blueprints of all sorts
5) Advertisements, paraphernalia, memorabilia, etc.

If you would be willing to assist me, but are not sure whether your particular items would be of interest to me, just drop me a line to ask.

Naturally any such materials, if used, would be properly credited. You may contact me through this message board, or through my site on the "Contact Page". Thank you in advance.

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