Looking for the large Danbury Mint Titanic model

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The Danbury Mint was selling an impressive pre-made Titanic model for $450- Foolishly I waited to long, and when I called them to purchase one, I was told they were sold out- If anyone has one to sell or trade, or knows where I might find one, please let me know..

Tarn Stephanos

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Personally, I'd like to know if anyone out there has the Franklin Mint AND Danbury models? Any preference to which is better & if so, why?

We have the Danbury unit and we are very pleased with it. Given the failing condition of these old eyes, I don't ever see myself completing one of the 7 Entex/MiniCraft models I have (still in the boxes). Hence the purchase of the Danbury unit.

Paul Lee

I have the Danbury Mint model and very nice it is too.

Why on earth was it discontinued?

fyi, is anyone gets wind of one for sale or trade, let me know, as I seemed to have missed the window of time to order one.

Do you think Danbury will resissue this in 2012?
many thanks

Tarn Stephanos
I have one (and the box it came in) and heaven knows I'm desperate for funds right now, having been out of work for six weeks with no relief in sight (not one to sign up for welfare). But I'm loathe to let it go--besides, one of the propellers is broken off. Easily fixed, I just haven't got the right glue for it.

No way of knowing if they will reissue the model or not. Most of the collections are a limited issue, and when they're gone, they're gone.
Check eBay. I have seen them both on there before. They are usually priced between $600-$1000 depending on which mint it came from.
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