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Jan 29, 2013
I've joined this site to ask a couple of questions about the Titanic. I'm also on here to ask about a specific books on the subject. Any help would be appreciated. I apologize if I am asking questions people have asked already.

I'm looking for a book that gives a detailed account of the sinking, from various perspectives, not just the usual suspects - you know, the officers, the first class passengers, all the people that are usually depicted in the films. I'm looking for something that's very comprehensive, but very detailed about the sinking. I recently came across the book Titanic at Two am. It was great, but it could've used more details from passengers and crew. The last 20 minutes is truly fascinating, but there was so much missing from that book in terms of details and stories. I guess I wanted more.

I'm also curious if there are any books that focus on the crew working in the boiler rooms. It would be great to hear their stories. Although not many of them survived, a few of them did escape to the top just as the bridge went under, but most books don't really give us much insight into what the efforts were like down below trying to keep the lights going.

Thank you

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Your best source would be the Titanic Inquiry project, where you can read hundreds of very detailed testimonies made under oath by crew members (and some passengers) at the two official inquiries held soon after the sinking. These provide a huge amount of information, but don't take it all as gospel truth. And you won't find much from the engineers who worked below right up to the end, as very few survived to tell their stories.

TIP | United States Senate Inquiry

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