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Alexis Peres

Jun 13, 2011
I was wondering if there was a

I was wondering if there was a place where some of the extended scenes are available for viewing. I have the 4 Disc DVD and have the "Titanic Explorer" but none have the scenes I'm looking for.
I remember seeing about 3 more that are not included in the deleted scenes or in the timeline of the game. I saw them on YouTube a while back but it appears they seem to have been removed since then.
I remember one of them was an extended scene of the "Nearer My God to Thee" sequence that shows more of the action on the Collapsibles and has some extra shots of passengers running up on the promenade and boat decks. And there was an exterior shot of the ship during dusk, it was a short clip and another scene of Rose and her group entering the reception area on D Deck. I was hoping if anybody could help me out?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
The only place I've seen any extended or deleted scenes was on the Deluxe DVD set with the disc that had all the bonus features.

There's probably some material out there on some websites such as YouTube. Enjoy they while you can if you find them since YouTube tends to axe anything which is uploaded illegally.
There are some on the Special Edition, as Michael mentions.

But there are more that weren't put on the DVD. I don't think that all of the Californian scenes are on the DVD, and we know that Cameron filmed some of that.

I read, and I don't have the source in front of me, that the initial cut was 5 hours long. Some of that would be pacing and would be internal cuts within scenes (pauses, breaks, quick shots) and others would be cut scenes. You'd be surprised, though, how much a snip here and eliminating a split second pause there can add up. Having done a fair amount of video editing for my job, I can tell you that you can drastically reduce the running time of a piece by making slight cuts here and there for pacing.
Sep 15, 2010
Elizabethtown, PA
Another awesome way of checking out some lost scenes would be investing in the script. As you read along through the script, you will find pieces that were never shot, things that weren't in the original movie due to ad-libbing or line changing and where things were initially intended. Some scenes or tidbits of information were given further insight in the left page of the book (as scripts are only printed on the front of the right page). It's fully illustrated with photographs and it's thick (it'd have to be, right?), but it's a great insight to things that weren't in the movie (even if you have to use your imagination!).

Since it's out of print, your best bet would be amazon! But I have it. It comes highly recommended!

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