Lost little girl on the Titanic not on Titanica


Her name was Rebecca Louise Sharples (SHARPLES Miss Louise Rebecca). She was only two years old when the ship went down. She was born on the 20th March 1910 in Bexley London. She was travelling third class with her Mother Jeannette Eileen Jane Sharples (SHARPLES Mrs Eileen Jane Jeanette, born 25 Jan 1881 Winchester England) and Father Jonathan Sharples (Born 25th April 1882 Winchester England). They got married in Bexley in 1909 and their Daughter Rebecca was born a year later. The Family hired a Nanny (Joan I think her name was) who cared for Rebecca throughout the voyage. The whole Family and Joan died in the Titanic disaster.

I discovered her story from my Grandmother, I tried researching her but I couldn't find her, I also couldn't find her on here. If you could add her, That would be great. My Grandmother found me a photo of her.

SHARPLES Miss Louise Rebecca.jpg

SHARPLES Miss Louise Rebecca.jpg
I hope you'll take it as good news that this little girl and her family did not die on the Titanic because they were never on the ship. You can confirm this from the White Star Line's Passenger lists and the Board of Trade lists of passengers leaving British ports. There are a great many stories of this kind. Some are based on vague memories of people who were thought to have emigrated and had not been heard of for some time. It's unusual that in this case you have such precise information about births, but that might enable you to find the family on census returns and perhaps discover who they really were. The photograph looks very much later than 1912 - I'd guess 1950s or 60s.