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Lost Ships of Robert Ballard /Lost Liners

Discussion in 'Robert Ballard' started by Dan Kappes, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Dan Kappes

    Dan Kappes Member

    The Lost Ships of Robert Ballard is a 2005 reprint of the 1997 book Lost Liners by the same authors, but it has another chapter added; which is about the Bismarck and other lost military ships of WWII. Lost Ships is only available in hardcover, but Lost Liners is in paperback and hardcover.

    I own Lost Ships and I have a friend who has the paperback version of Lost Liners, but which book do you own? And I've love to hear comments of how you got your copy.

    These are their covers:

    The Lost Ships of Robert Ballard
    lost ships.jpg
    Lost Liners
    lost liners.jpg

    Both books also feature this map on the first and last pages showing six major shipwrecks around the world. They are the Normandie, Empress of Ireland, Andrea Doria, Titanic, Lusitania, and Britannic. I'm surprised the map wasn't updated in 2005 to show the Bismarck, but the map only shows the Atlantic Ocean, and so the Pacific Ocean military shipwrecks of WWII mentioned in the 2005 book aren't shown either.
    ls map.jpg
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  2. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    I snatched up Lost Ships at a local Borders in ‘06, and have since spent approximately a million hours studying the paintings and reading it over and over. $25 well spent. I remember finding Lost Liners in some store when I was about 12 and it was pretty mind blowing, I’d never seen the Empress or Lusitania wrecks before. Begged my folks for it but the $60 tag was a little steep.
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  3. If you don't mind used books you can get this on Amazon for around $8 U.S. I noticed Amazon is now chargeing taxes (at least for my state) but this still has free shipping. I don't mind used books at all and was really disappointed when the last used book store in my town finally closed. We have no bookstores left here. Hastings left a few years ago too....Sucks.
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